Recent Graduates (Ph.D.)

Student Spotlight: Recent Graduates

With its wide range of faculty expertise, research support, and professional development for graduate teaching assistants, the PhD program in Spanish is considered one of the top programs in the country, as recognized by the National Research Council. Since 1995, we have consistently been ranked among the NRC's top PhD programs in the US.

Our students work on diverse topics from the medieval, early modern, revolutionary/Englightenment, and modern/contemporary periods in Spain and Latin America, with a variety of methodological approaches and theoretical orientations. To learn more about current students and their research projects, please visit their profile pages.

Some of our recent graduates include:

Samuel Amago: " True lies: Narrative self -consciousness in the contemporary Spanish novel" (completed 2003; directed by Randolph Pope)

Carmen Armero: "Reflejos de Narciso en la narrative española contemporánea: José María Merino, Juan José Millás y Rosa Montero" (completed 2009)

Arantxa Ascunce: “The Avant-Garde Spirit in Spain: Poetry, Politics, Art, Protagonists, Press” (completed 2007; directed by Andrew Anderson)

Allison Atkins: "Authorship at the fogones: Gastronomy and the Artist in Post-Transition Spain" (completed 2013; directed by Randolph Pope)

James Austin: "Voluntad and Gana: The Construction of Personality in Unamuno" (completed 2000)

Darren Aversa: "Phantomatic Discourse in the New Historical Novel" (completed 2007)

Jennifer Barlow: "Iberian Daughters of Sappho: Female Friendship in Early Modern Spain" (completed 2015)

Paul David Begin: "Anglo-American rock in Peninsular “Generation X” fiction" (completed 2006; directed by Randolph Pope)

Matthew Bentley: "La ropa de la pena: The Materiality of Love, Language, and Representation in Question de amor" (completed 2004; directed by E. Michael Gerli)

Jeffrey Bersett: "El Burlado de Sevilla: Nineteenth Century Theatrical Appropriations of Don Juan Tenorio" (completed 2002; directed by David Gies)

Christine Blackshaw Naberhaus: ""Todo sobre su madre": Oedipal Knots and Absent Mothers in Spanish Romantic Tragedy" (completed 2004; directed by David Gies)

Sarah Bogard: "Against Gracias: The Poetics of the Erotic Gift in Early Modern Spain" (completed 2013)

J. Andrew Brown: “Test Tube Envy Science and Power in Argentine Narrative from Sarmiento to Giardinelli” (completed 2000; directed by Gustavo Pellón)

Davina Buivan Kotanchik: "Capital Values in Play: Representations of Economic Figures in Nineteenth-Century Spanish Theater" (completed 2014)

Sarah Campbell: "Bourbon (Re)Conquests: Epic, Empire, and Enlightenment from Madrid to Mexico City" (completed 2013)

Anthony Cella: "Un análisis sociocrítico de algunas narconarrativas mexicanas" (completed 2014)

Raquel Chiquillo: "El compromiso social, la lirica y los problemas de clasificacion: Dos caminos dentro de la poesia centroamericana (Cardenal, Dalton, Debravo y Escobar Galindo)" (completed 2001)

Kristin Connor: "Playing with Propaganda and Patronage: The Intersections of Masculinity and Public Image in Early Colonial Chilean Literature" (Ph.D. 2016; directed by Ricardo Padrón)

Ana Cornide: "Los ruidos del silencio: Tres ejemplos en la tradición del nuevo relato fantastic latinoamericano” (completed 2011; directed by Gustavo Pellón)

José Delgado Costa: "Binarración y parodia en las novelas de Osvaldo Soriano.” (completed 1996; directed by Gustavo Pellón)

María Celeste Delgado Librero: "Jaume Roig's Spill: A Diplomatic Edition and an English Translation of Ms. Vat. Lat. 4806" (completed 2003; directed by E. Michael Gerli)

Kelly Dunn: “Representative Detective Fiction Writers from Mexico and Argentina: Socio-Political Factors and Literary Context” (completed 1998; directed by Gustavo Pellón)

Casey Eriksen: "The Poet and His Readers: The Social and Poetic Matrix of Garcilaso de la Vega" (completed 2016; directed by E. Michael Gerli)

David F. Fernández Díaz: "Cien años después:  Huellas de Moratín en la crítica literaria y el teatro español (1828-1928)" (completed 2013; directed by David Gies)

Elizabeth Franklin Lewis: "Feminine Discourse and Subjectivity in the Works of Josefa Amar y Borbón, María Gertrudis Hore and María Rosa Gálvez" (completed 1993; directed by David Gies)

Amy Frazier Yoder: "Character Creation: Scientists, Authors, Gods and Lovers" (completed 2009)

Diana Galarreta Aima: "Volviendo a España de tierras musulmanas: experiencia y transformación del cautiverio en la literatura de los retornados" (completed 2015)

Julianna Gallardo: “Partículas revoltosas: la infancia en la literatura fantástica mexicana del siglo XX.” (Defended April 24, 2009, Directed by María-Inés Lagos) 

María del Carmen García Armero: "Reflejos de Narciso en la narrativa española contemporánea: José María Merino, Juan José Millás y Rosa Montero" (completed 2009; directed by Randolph Pope)

Irene Gómez Castellano: "Máscaras y autorretratos: El yo poético en la poesía rococo española" (completed 2008; directed by David Gies)

Alejandra Gutiérrez: "El enigma del personaje escritor en la narrativa hispánica posmoderna" (completed 2011; directed by Gustavo Pellón)

Ann Gutiérrez: "Pedro de Peralta's Lima Fundada: Textual Hybridity and Early Eighteenth-Century Ideologies of Identity" (completed 2007)

Faith Harden: "Martial Masculinities: Gender, Genre, and the Self in Seventeenth-Century Spanish Soldiers' Autobiographies" (completed 2012)

Carol Harllee: "Sixteenth-Century Self-Help: Reception of the Dialogue in Spain" (completed 2004)

Daniel E. Hartnett: "The Political and Social Use of Dante in Fifteenth-Century Iberian Court Culture" (completed 2009; directed by E. Michael Gerli)

Vanessa Heitner: "Redressing Herodotus: The Historical Novel in Post-Dictatorship Argentina" (completed 2003)

José Manuel Hidalgo: "Alegoria y apocalipsis: Encuentros equinos en el libro de buen amor" (completed 2006; directed by E. Michael Gerli)

Emily Hind: “After Ours: Six Mexican Women Writers on Borrowed Time" (completed 2001; directed by Gustavo Pellón)

Judith K. Lang Hilgartner: "Belonging to Exile: the Elusive Homelands of the Sephardic Jews" (completed 2017; directed by Gustavo Pellón)

Alex Holland: "Allegories of Globalization: The United States in Recent Latin American Narrative" (completed 2011)

Keith Howard: "The Early-Modern Reception of Machiavelli in Spain: A Critical Edition of Juan Lorenzo Ottevanti's Discurso de Machiaueli (1552)" (completed 2008; directed by E. Michael Gerli)

Christy Hyland: "Emilia Pardo Bazan and the Sexing of the Soul" (completed 2001)

Ryan Johnson: “¿El vencedor es Dioniso?: The Aesthetics of Balance in the Works of Roberto Bolaño” (completed 2016; directed by María-Inés Lagos)

Katherine Karr-Cornejo: “Our Nation, Ourselves: Constructions of Subjectivity in Chilean Historical Fiction of the Democratic Transition (1990–2010)” (completed 2011; directed by María-Inés Lagos)

Ashley Kerr: "Somos una raza privilegiada: Anthropology, Race, and Nation in the Literature of the River Plate, 1870-2010" (completed 2013)

Ilka Kressner: “Stages of Disquiet: Evocations of Space in Latin American Short Fiction and Its Cinematographic Transformation" (completed 2006; directed by Gustavo Pellón)

Iana Konstantinova: "Postmodernist Metafictional Crime Narratives in Chile and Argentina" (completed 2005)

Jeannie LaPlatney: "Manly Men and Demonic Women: Constructions of Masculinity in the Spanish Ballads" (completed 2013; directed by E. Michael Gerli)

Pedro Larrea Rubio: “Federico García Lorca en Buenos Aires” (completed 2012; directed by Andrew Anderson)

Charlotte Le Moyne: "Becoming Nikkei: Reflections of Transcultural Identity in the Writing of Four Spanish American Writers of Japanese Descent" (completed 2010)

Allison Libbey-Titus: "The Telling of Trauma: Narratives of Rape in Twentieth-Century Spanish-Language Literature" (completed 2013; directed by Gustavo Pellón)

Alicia López-Operé: “Poetas del siglo XXI: Los caminos de la joven poesía Española” (completed 2009; directed by Andrew Anderson)

Zachary Ludington: “Palo cruzado, palo seco: Typography and Material Poetics in the Spanish Historical Avant-Garde” (completed 2014; directed by Andrew Anderson)

Matthew Marr: “The ‘Metapoetics’ of Postmodernism: Self-Consciousness and Creative Renewal in Peninsular Verse of 1980s and 1990s” (completed 2003; directed by Andrew Anderson)

Juan Martínez Millán: "Aproximación a las auto poéticas de cuatro poetas latinoamericanos: Diana Bellessi, Antonio Cisneros, Eduardo Espina, José Emilio Pacheco" (completed 2015)

Anne Massey: “The Hero's Quest in Postmodernity: Searches for Identity in the Hispanic New Narrative” (completed 1997; directed by Gustavo Pellón)

Leslie Maxwell Kaiura: "Battered angels: Domestic violence in Spanish literature, 1850–1925" (completed 2008; directed by Randolph Pope)

H.J. Manzari: “Histories in Conflict and the Crisis of Truth in the Contemporary Caribbean Novel" (completed 2001; directed by Gustavo Pellón)

Jennifer McCune: "Decentering Cuba: Diary Writing and the Post-Colonial Experience, 1868-1898" (completed 2000; directed by Gustavo Pellón)

Tim McCallister: "The Philosophy of Don Quijote without Don Quijote" (completed 2013)

Natalie McManus: “The Pirate Pathway: The Trajectory of the Pirate Figure in Peninsular Spanish Literature from the Nineteenth to the Twenty-First Century” (completed 2012; directed by Andrew Anderson)

Gabrielle Miller: "Mapping the Imagination: Feminine Embodiment in the Novels of Benito Pérez Galdós" (completed 2015; directed by Randolph Pope)

Ana María Mutis: “Voices that Kill: Violent Narrators in Contemporary Latin American Fiction" (completed 2008; directed by Gustavo Pellón)

Virginia Newhall Rademacher: "Biographical questioning and the quest for the real in contemporary Spanish narrative" (completed 2008; directed by Randolph Pope)

Janice R. North: "The Constructions of a Cultural Legacy: Queen María de Molina of Castile and the Political Discourses of Molinismo" (completed 2013; directed by E. Michael Gerli)

Diana Q. Palardy (Burkhart): "Dystopian impulses in contemporary peninsular literature and film" (completed 2008; directed by Randolph Pope)

Germán de Patricio Anson: "Imagen pública, religión y política: la distinción, el capital simbólico y el antisemitismo en Quevedo" (completed 2010)

Christina Maria Percoco: "The seduction of objects: Understanding desire and material culture in Emilia Pardo Bazán's short fiction" (completed 2008; directed by Randolph Pope)

Elizabeth Marcela Pettinaroli: "Literary Emplacements: Chorography and Placemaking in the Early Modern Hispanic World" (completed 2007; directed by Ricardo Padrón)

Sylvain Poosson: "La historia silenciada: Los afroargentinos, protagonistas de un drama social" (completed 2003)

Todd Price: "The Stage in the Streets: Calderon de La Barca's Autos Sacramentales in the Urban Landscape of Madrid" (completed 2003)

Gillian Price: “The New Queens of Crime: Images of Women Detectives in Contemporary Argentinean and Mexican Literature” (completed 2014; directed by Gustavo Pellón)

Troy Prinkey: "From the Margin and Into the Mainstream: Assimilative Elements of the Contemporary Gay Mexican Novel (1980-2000)" (completed 2004)

Matthieu Raillard: "Writing the Author: Metafiction, Narrative Strategy and the Discourse of Authority in the Spanish 18th Century" (completed 2004; directed by David Gies)

Karen Rauch: "Mothers and Other Strangers: Representations of the Maternal in Spanish Romantic Discourse" (completed 1996; directed by David Gies)

Patricia Reagan: "The Other 'I': The New Narcissism of Postmodernism First Person; Non-Protagonist Narrators in Novels by Jose Donoso, Elena Garro, Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Mario Vargas Llosa" (completed 2008)

Miguel Rivera Taupier: "Borges y las Subversiones del Género Policial en Latinoamérica" (completed 2011)

Eunice Rojas: “Going (In) Sane:  Deconstructing Madness in Contemporary Argentine Narrative" (completed 2010; directed by Gustavo Pellón)

Adriana Rojas Campbell: "From Manchay Tiempo to ‘Truth’: Cultural Trauma and Resilience in Contemporary Peruvian Narrative” (completed 2014; directed by Ricardo Padrón)

Karliana Sakas: "Servants of Desire, Masters of Deceit: The Discourse of Servitude in Selected Spanish Early Modern Novellas" (completed 2012)

Rosa Mirna Sánchez Ferreiras: "Re-escrituras del cuento de hadas en la literatura hispánica contemporánea: Rosario Ferré, Carmen Martín Gaite, Luisa Valenzuela y Eliseo Diego" (completed 2013; directed by María-Inés Lagos)

Makenzie Seiple: "Playing at Life: Childhood and Play in 20th-Century Spanish Literature and Film" (completed 2014; directed by Randolph Pope)

Amy Sentell: “Spain’s Decadent Dilemma: Science and Art versus Nature in the Forgotten Novel of fin de siglo” (completed 2009; directed by Andrew Anderson)

Alvin Sherman: "Mariano Jose de Larra: A Directory of Historical Personages and Literary Figures in His Writings (With Computerized Indices)" (completed 1990; directed by David Gies)

Katia Sherman: "Cervantes, Premeditated Philosopher: Skepticism and the Novelas ejemplares" (completed 2014)

Stephen Silverstein: "The Jewish Slave Trader Trope in Abolitionist Discourses of the Caribbean, 1839-1882" (completed 2012)

Andrea Smith: "Acting White: Dramatic Representations of Race in Nineteenth-Century Peru" (completed 2009)

Anne Stachura: "An Inhospitable World: The Post-national Imaginary in Latin American Novel and Film, 2000-2010" (completed 2012)

Virginia Talley: “Hybridity in the Novels of José Donoso, Severo Sarduy, Diamela Eltit, and Pedro Lemebel" (completed 2007; directed by Gustavo Pellón)

Javier Torre: "Los libros de viajes espanoles en la era del turismo y de la postmodernidad" (completed 2001)

David Keith Vassar: "Transformational fictions: Ritualized autobiography in contemporary novels from Chile and Argentina" (completed 2009; directed by Randolph Pope)

Kimberly Vega: “La isla de mi encanto: nation, language and geography in the literary development of Puerto Rican identity" (completed 2005; directed by Gustavo Pellón)

Magda T. Vergara: "El discurso femenino de Juana Manuela Gorriti" (completed 1992; directed by Gustavo Pellón)

Susan Walter: "The Interplay of Feminism in Emilia Pardo Bazan's Essays and Short Stories" (completed 2003)

Pamela McNab Wilson: "The Narrative and Structural Significance of Animals in the Short Stories of Julio Cortázar" (completed 1992; directed by Gustavo Pellón).

Nicholas Wolters: "Men of the Cloth: Fashioning the Clergy in the Spanish Novel (1843–1925)" (completed 2016; directed by Randolph Pope)

Frazier Yoder: “The Character Creator in Twentieth-Century Latin American Literature:  Metafiction, Metaphysics, Power and Projections of Desire” (completed 2009; directed by María-Inés Lagos)