Sara Gastón Echeverría

Lecturer of Spanish
New Cabell Hall 434
Office Hours:
Wednesday & Friday 10:30am-11:30am and by appt



  • M.A. in Linguistics, West Virginia University (2014)
  • Certificate in University Teaching, West Virginia University (2014)
  • CELTA Cambridge Certificate, ISE, United Kingdom (2012)
  • B.A. in Hispanic Studies, University of Salamanca, Spain (2010)
  • B.A. in English Studies, University of Salamanca, Spain (2008)


Research Interests:

  • Second Language Acquisition
  • SL Phonological Acquisition
  • Teaching of Foreign Languages through ePortfolios
  • Reflections as a Learning Tool
  • Peer Feedback
  • Project Based Language Learning
  • ASL



University of Virginia (2016-present)

  • SPAN 1010: Elementary Spanish I
  • SPAN 2010: Intermediate Spanish
  • SPAN 2020: Advanced Intermediate Spanish

EF Málaga, Spain (Summer 2016)

  • A1 - C1
  • Hispanic Culture
  • Spanish Grammar
  • Spanish Pronunciation

Loyola University Maryland (2014-2016)

  • SN 161: Comprehensive Beginning Spanish
  • SN 102: Introductory Spanish II
  • SN 103: Intermediate Spanish I
  • SN 104: Intermediate Spanish II

West Virginia University (2012-2014)

  • Span 101: Beginner Spanish
  • Span 204: Advanced Intermediate Spanish



  • 'E-Portfolio Reflections: Meaning-Making Tools to Enrich the Learning Experience'. Meaning-Making with e-Portfolios (AAEEBL SE Regional Conference), University of Virginia, VA (2017)
  • 'Mobilizing Peer Feedback and e-Portfolios for Powerful Collaborative Learning'. Imagining Teaching and Learning Together (5th Annual UVa Innovations in Pedagogy Summit), University of Virginia, VA (2017)
  • 'Active Learning Techniques'. Professional Development Workshop, Loyola University Maryland, MD (2015)
  • 'The Instruction of L2 Spanish Pronunciation through a Communicative Approach'. Communication in Context (WVFLTA), Fairmont State University, WV (2013) 
  • 'Influence of L1 Phonological System in L2 English Pronunciation'. In Touch with English Language Learners (WVTESOL), Charleston, WV (2013)


Grants & Awards:

  • Faculty Seminar on the Teaching of Writing, by the University of Virginia (2017)
  • Grant from the Institute of World Languages to organize Spanish Tertulia, by the University of Virginia (2017)
  • Summer Study Grant for Non-Tenure Track Faculty, by Loyola University Maryland (2016)
  • Elkins Funds Grant to attend the Linguistic Institute organized at the University of Michigan, by the University of West Virginia (2013)
  • Spanish Conversation Assistantship at University of New Orleans, by the University of Salamanca, Spain (2008)
  • Socrates Program (study abroad program) at the University of Limerick, by the University of Salamanca (2006)


Involvement at UVa:

  • Co-organizer of the Spanish, Italian, & Portuguese (SIP) Film Festival
  • Co-organizer of the Spanish Cultural Weekly Newsletter
  • Co-organizer of the Spanish Tertulia
  • Training from 'Safe Space'
  • Training from 'DREAMers on Grounds: UndocuAlly'