Nicole Bonino

PhD Student
New Cabell Hall 462
Office Hours:
W/F 2-3pm or by appointment


Ph.D., University of Virginia (expected 2020)
  • Major Area: Latin American Literature
  • Minor Area: Global and Gender Studies
M.A., University of Virginia (2016)
  • Major Area: Spanish Literature
M.A., University of Turin (2013)
  • Major Area: English and Spanish Language and Literature
  • Minor Area: Italian Language and Literature
B.A., University of Turin (2011)
  • Major Area: Comparative Literatures
  • Minor Area: Latin and Greek Language and Literature

Research Interests

  • Gender Studies
  • Migration and Global Movements
  • Digital Humanities
  • Comparative Literatures and Languages
  • 19th Century Peninsular Literature
  • 19th and 20th Century Latin America
  • Argentinian and Italian Culture


My field of specialization involves both Latin America and Peninsular culture and literature during the 19th and 20th century. After studying late twentieth-century peninsular literature, focusing attention on the counter-cultural movements born in Spain and Italy after the end of Francoism and Fascism, my research moved towards Enlightenment and Romanticism. My academic research is focused on the Italian migration to Argentina (1880-1930) investigated through the support of literary examples. My doctoral research deals in particular on issues such as nationalism and racism (“En la sangre” by Cambaceres and “Imagined Communities” by Anderson), gender (“El mar que nos trajo” by Gámbaro), and linguistic creations (with a focus on the creation of Lunfardo and Cocoliche as consequences of global changes).


University of Virginia

University of Virginia in Valencia (Spain)

  • Intensive summer school
  • Responsible for teaching: SPAN 2010 (intermediate), SPAN 2020 (advanced)

University of Turin

  • Teaching Assistant for students with disabilities
  • Responsible for tutoring students with disabilities and assisting the professors


  • MLA Modern Language Association: “Language Change: The Creation of the Jargon Lunfardo as Linguistic Reaction to the 20th Century Global Migration”; New York, New York, USA, January 4-7 (2018).

  • GSLS Graduate Student Lecture Series: “Familias burguesas, mujeres y dinero en El porvenir de las familias de Juan de Alba”; Charlottesville, Virginia, USA (2017).

  • KFLC Kentucky Foreign Languages Conference: “Cruzando fronteras: el viaje renacentista de Antonio Pigafetta entre curiosidad y atrevimiento”; Lexington, Kentucky, USA, April 19-21 (2017).

  • ACTFL American Council on the Teaching Foreign Languages: “Guided Inductive Approaches on the Learning of a Second Language Grammar”; San Diego, California, USA, November 20-22 (2015).

  • UVA University of Virginia: “Inductive and Deductive Approaches in Teaching Spanish as a Second Language”; Charlottesville, Virginia, USA, November 21st (2014).

Grants & Awards

  • Department of Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese Summer Research Funds
    Used to research at the Centro Studi Emigrazione Roma (Italy) (Summer 2017)
  • Valencia Summer Program
    Used to teach intensively Spanish grammar for five weeks at the UVA in Valencia Center in Valencia (Spain) (Summer 2017)
  • Center for Global Inquiry+Innovation Award for the Centro Studi Emigrazione Roma CSER (Italy)
    graduate summer research (Summer 2017)
  • Center for Global Inquiry+Innovation Award for the Summer School on Global Studies at the University of Bologna, sponsored by Duke University, University of Virginia and University of Bologna (Spring 2016)
  • Ministry of Education, Universities, and Research (MIUR) Fellowship as Italian Teaching Assistant (Spring 2014)
  • University of Turin Assistantship for Disabled Students (Spring 2014)
  • Region of Piedmont Auschwitz-Birkenau Trip Memory Grant (Spring 2008)
  • European Union Historical Essays Competition (Spring 2007)