Carmen Moreno Díaz

PhD Student
New Cabell Hall 438
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Carmen Moreno Díaz is a Ph.d candidate from Córdoba, Spain. In 2009, she has completed her studies in Spanish Philology at UCO. During the years spent at this institution, Carmen focused on the study of Wittgenstein's philosophy thanks to a scholarship offered by the Ministry of Education (Spain). In 2010 she began working with PRESCHO (Programa de Estudios Hispánicos en Córdoba) as well as cooperating with Córdoba Acoge, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing specialized courses in Spanish language and culture to immigrants. Upon completion of her degree, Carmen worked as a Teaching Assistant at Mount Holyoke College (MA).

As a graduate student at University of Virginia, Carmen's main interests are 20th century peninsular literature, specifically the late poetry of Pedro Salinas and Luis Cernuda. Her dissertation will focus on exploring issues of identity during the Spanish dictatorship along with the representation of the "folclórica’s" as it appears portrayed in films of the period.