Spanish major receives Harrison Research award

February 24, 2017

Congratulations to Jack Brake (CLAS 2018) on being one of 44 students honored with the Harrison Undergraduate Research Award in 2016! With this support, Jack is engaging in a multi-study of convivencia between and among Christians, Jews, and Muslims in medieval Spain. His study of material records of spaces of worship, especially the architectural elements of Visigoth churches that were constructed between 711 and 1492, engages with long-standing historiographies in Iberian religious life. It offers new insights into the Islamic principles of tolerance that allowed early Christians to develop their own faith communities in a formative moment in the making of the Spanish empire.

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To learn more about Jack's research, please visit our "student spotlight" page. You can also find more information on our Distinguished Major Program here.

Information on the Harrison Research award is available here, through the Center for Undergraduate Excellence.

¬°Felicidades a todas y todos!