Italian Graduate Program

Effective Fall 2015 - Admission is suspended for this program.

The Department of Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese offers a course of studies leading to the M.A. degree in Italian Literature. It is designed as the first stage in the preparation of a doctorate. Students holding the M.A. in Italian from the University of Virginia have a very high probability of acceptance into the best Ph.D. programs in the U.S. and around the world.

The Italian program claims specific strengths in textual criticism, Dante studies, the literature of the Renaissance and the Baroque age, 19th century authors, contemporary, modern, and avant-garde poetry and prose. A very distinctive feature of the program is its emphasis on interdisciplinary and cultural studies, including artistic and literary interrelations, historical studies, film and women’s studies, and digital humanities.

Although the M.A. program is currently suspended, we still offer a Dante Fellowship for students in medieval and early modern studies. The Tibor Wlassics Dante Research Fellowship was generously funded by Luciana Wlassics, and it is awarded annually to a graduate student who is pursuing research on Dante. In recent years, the Dante Fellowship has supported dissertation research on late-medieval realism and theories of the afterlife in medieval Islamic and Catholic writing.

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For information on the Graduate Language Exams in Italian, please click here.